17 Steroline Moments On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ That Made Our Hearts Happy

With that, and the conclusion of the eight-season saga of the Salvatore brothers and their friends, family and foes in a now-safe Mystic Falls, we saw the Paul Wesley-portrayed Stefan sacrifice himself but eventually be reunited in the final scene with his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. Really two finales in one, with the end of Season 8 and the end of the Julie Plec – and Kevin Williamson -developed show based on L. So, that ending with the multi-year jump in time, Elena alive and at medical school, the letter and money from Klaus to Caroline and brothers Stefan and Damon reunited, is The Vampire Diaries really over? The Vampire Diaries is over. That sounds so definitive to almost be coy… PLEC: I do not have a spinoff in the works but yes I have spinoff ideas in my brain.

Caroline of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Will Be in ‘The Originals’ Season 5 Premiere

Elena needs to learn to hunt and Damon is the only person who can teach her. Will their feelings get in the way? I’m new to Vampire Diaries, so forgive me for that. I haven’t read the books yet and have only seen the TV series so my characters are obviously based around those.

Disclaimer- I do not own the vampire diaries or the originals. All copyrights and ownership go to The CW, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, Michael Narducci and L.J Smith. a total asshole and also the best hook up experience ever, appear at your work asking for a partnership in a very big mafia case? Well, I would have tell him “make sure the.

The Twilight hysteria was just beginning to crest all love for Twilight, I have no career without Twilight and True Blood was, well, a thing. I have said many times in this space that The Vampire Diaries is and always was far better than it needed to be. It was a teen drama, angsty and full of chiseled hunks. It could have floated, but it refused to. That is much to the credit of Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, the creators who made a world that was rich and tragic and nuanced and filled it with characters we could love.

And love them we did. Falling in love with The Vampires Diaries happened slow and then all at once thanks for that, John Green. The premise was simple: We were drawn in by the sweeping love story between Stefan and Elena, the complicated brother in Damon, and the terror and pain of a town that would never be whole or safe again. And then they killed Vicki. You guys, that was big. TVD would go on to kill and unkill many of our favorites over the years, but that first one?

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries season 7 episode 14 review: Moonlight On The Bayou 7. A huntress we’ve never heard of before?

How to play the game “Vampire Diaries Dress Up Game”? You can always meet your favorite stars in girl games, any time, any place! Today, we’re giving you the chance to makeover Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert in the Vampire Diaries series.4/5().

The Vampire Diaries — Episode 2. Elena and Rose are having a sincere conversation, speaking about her feelings to both brothers. Some new facts about Jules come out making everyone a bit afraid of her. Caroline is uncertain about her feelings for Tyler and wants him to be a good friend only for some time. Everything changes when someone dies. Ian Somerhalder Foundation Location: Your email address goes here.

Give them some info as to why you think the Ian Somerhalder Foundation deserves to be nominated. We need to get enough nominations so the Ian Somerhalder Foundation will be listed as one of the charities. I have complete faith that the TVD fandom is capable of making this happen! Do you love Ian Somerhalder? Well we do at thevampirediariescanada. Help raise money for the unfortunate animals who have been abandoned and abuses by their owners and treated in the most horrible of ways.

What episode of the vampire diaries do Elena and Damon hook up

In terms of blood consumption, Elena wants to live on a diet of animal blood, like Stefan Salvatore , in an attempt to avoid hurting someone. However, after she is unable to keep down animal blood, human blood from a blood bag or vampire blood, she begins to feed from Matt. Now that Elena is a vampire, her feelings are magnified, including her feelings for Damon, and they’re much harder for her to ignore and push aside. She also struggles with magnified grief from the loss of so many family members, and anger towards those who put her remaining friends and family in danger.

As she’s learning to live as a vampire, she begins to learn that she has more in common with Damon than she does with Stefan, and while it scares her, it also makes things more exciting and opens her eyes a bit. Elena has now accepted being a vampire.

“Legacies,” the spinoff of “The Originals,” premieres this fall on The CW, and there is a possibility of characters from “The Vampire Diaries” franchise making appearances.

After I finished reading the Twilight Saga I swore to myself that never again would I indulge in another vampire romance story. My oath remained unbroken for the next few months, until that one memorable day when my friend and I were on the way home from school. You have to watch it. The girl in question also always has to be helpless and in need of constant protection. However I soon realized that Vampire Diaries was nothing like I was used to. The more I watched, the more addicted I became.

So for everyone who, like me, hates Twilight here are 10 reasons why you will love Vampire Diaries:

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The existence of his secret daughter emerged in July when the actor sued for child support, a claim he has now dropped. A judge in Georgia awarded the year-old custody last month, and court documents reveal he now has the power to make all future decisions over the child’s care. The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerigm, seen in character on his hit show, has won sole custody of his two-year-old daughter after her mother was jailed, it has been revealed Roerig has never publicly spoken of the fact he is a father, but filed for custody after his daughter’s mother, a woman by the name of Alanna Turner, was reportedly sentenced to Federal prison.

In his initial filing, as reported by TMZ. Roerig has become something of a heartthrob through his role as Donovan in The Vampire Diaries.

The CW. Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan in the ‘Man on Fire’ episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

You were the one who helped him overcome his ripper phase, but when you two broke up, all the pain he used to feel came back. It hurts him too much that he decides to turn off his humanity. He’s completely heartbroken and miserable without you. He drowns his sorrows in booze, flirts, or he basically does anything to keep you out of his mind, yet nothing seems to work. He may hook up with other girls, but you still remain the one he truly wants.

You remain good friends. You both put your past relationship behind and decided to work on your friendship instead. There isn’t any tension or awkwardness between you two. In fact, you still care about each other as much as you did when you were dating.

You Can Only Get On This Vampire Diaries Quiz If You’re Secretly A Salvatore

Why yes yes it does. I would say this is a glaring mangling of the storyline but it fades next to the whole Rayna hunter rules changing AGAIN. See, before killing the last Eternal would not only kill Rayna but also everyone she marked with her sword. So killing the last eternal should kill Bonnie, Stefan, Caroline and Enzo. So having used the little kiddies to open the door, Damon decides to go in while Enzo leads Bonnie on a wild goose chase Bonnie has long since managed to free herself from the useless Matt.

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Nothing that has to be backed out, I don’t think. Coming into season four, what were your priorities? We really wanted to show the struggle of Elena’s journey. We didn’t want to be one and done. And for Elena, someone who never, ever wanted to be this, we didn’t want to make it a cake walk. In making that decision, we are slow playing a lot in the beginning of the season.

We’re eeking out small nuggets of our mythology over the first few episodes as opposed to slamming into it.

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Who does Damon end up with in The Vampire Diaries? So far it is unknown who Damon ends up with I am hoping Elena!! The first time they kiss in the books happens in ‘The Struggle’. In the Season 1 finale, Damon thought he kissed Elena but it turned out to be Katherine instead.

Thanks to we now have the official symopsis for the Feb. 3 Episode of The Vampire Diaries Daddy Issues. This is spoilery so if you dont want to know close your eyes and skip this post.

Share this article Share Phoebe, 27, showed off her slim stems in a simple black frock which also displayed an elegant amount of cleavage with its subtle but sexy neckline. Woman of many words: It looked like the pair were engrossed in conversation, as the Sydney born starlet and New Jersey native chatted animatedly Mutual: A source close to the couple said the pair are ‘still friends’ but that the relationship had simple ‘run its course’ The couple started dating in after working on The Vampire Diaries together, where they played the supernatural Stefan Salvatore and Hayley Marshall.

A source close to the photogenic pair confirmed there were no ill feelings between the star, saying that the pair are ‘still good friends’ and that the relationship had simply ‘run its course’ in a statement to E! Both Paul and Phoebe are enjoying professional success. Though their romantic relationship has fizzled out, both stars are very busy in their professional lives. Paul has been exploring the world of directing and producing with his production company Citizen Media.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 11 News

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A/N: The Vampire Diaries was originally a Polyvore story. My friends Caitlyn Hook and Kelsey Barnes came up with it, too. So, their characters will be in the story. Also, they have their stories about their Vampire Diaries characters.

Well, then you might have some questions about the series finale, “I Was Feeling Epic. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below On Stefan sacrifice, Plec said, “There have been so many different versions of that in our mind. Back then, the show ended with both brothers dying and watching Elena go out and live her life as a human and grow up and be happy and have kids and get married. And all the sacrifices that they had made so that she could be human and safe made it worth it, and they could’ve gone and passed on into oblivion.

Once Nina left the show, all the plans of how it would end one day had to shift because ultimately it became less about ensuring Elena’s safety and future and more about the relationships between the brothers themselves and their own path to redemption. There was a pitch on the table that was a very good pitch where Damon didn’t make it to the end, and then ultimately the pitch that made it to the end was, I think, the best one. And while his death is absolutely tragic for many reasons, there’s also a sense of full circle to his experience that he was the one that sort of got them into this mess and now he’s going to get them out of it.

There was a pitch on the table at some point that maybe Bonnie and Matt Donovan would end up together and have children together. There was a pitch on the table that maybe Bonnie takes a series of great French lovers and never has another real relationship again because Enzo is her one true love and she’ll see him again in peace.

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