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The Nigerian man joke. Kenyan women shopping They say peculiar habits are hard to drop and the saying seems to go too hard and deep with Kenyans, particularly Nairobians. Women have a funny way of making appreciation as a society need for them yet always have to talk their men down in almost every aspect. The latest sensation of a man to hit our Kenyan ladies of late is the Nigerian man. So every other lady thinks a Nigerian man is more romantic. I got some advice for our young ladies. On average immigrants are wealthier than locals — the Kenyan immigrant in the US is slightly richer than the average American yet the average American is 50 times richer than the average Kenyan. Most Nigerians who come to Kenya are businessmen and diplomats and considering the low economies of our continent, anybody who can afford travelling km across the continent just for business must be one very successful businessman. The success of Kenya airways has transformed Nairobi into a transport hub and most businessmen across the continent travelling to the Asia, Europe and the Middle East make a stop in Nairobi. Do you ever ask yourself if this guy is paying rent for fifteen other women across the world?

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Throw in some annoyingly cliched emoji, and a man is supposed to decode what that means and should invite her to his house, or if he one of these new-age metrosexual sissies, go to her place to be served noodles and minced meat and be expected to outperform an electric sexual toy. Nairobian women spent so much time accusing us that we are not romantic but they are real frauds when you think about it.

Nairobi women are hardened, militant, dishonest, materialistic, and that concoction of traits can hardly make anyone romantic. To find a woman who is lovely, lovable and sexy, you should head to Tanzania, to Kampala, or to down Coast. Take shisha smoking for instance.

Just don’t devote yourself to every man you are dating 2. You Let Yourself Go Be a trendy Nairobian and make those heads turn with jealously. Posted by June Mueni at Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Hair and style.

The source will be posted along with the story. For Spears, it started, as it almost always does, with an e-mail. Spears , with whom the family had lost contact over the years. The scammers ran Spears through the whole program. They sent official-looking documents and certificates from the Bank of Nigeria and even from the United Nations. Spears sent the money.

More promises and teases of multi-millions followed, with each one dependent on her sending yet more money. Most of the missives were rife with misspellings. Spears continued to send funds. Both were already paid for. For more than two years, Spears sent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Sat, 13 Oct Click here to view original web page at www. Courtesy] Death will one day come calling. What about all the photos you pose for on Instagram? What of company secrets stored in your e-mail account and for which only you has the password?

Osmond Sambu Okero told The Nairobian that his family allegedly abandoned him in Siaya town where the year-old was trying to come to terms with his miserable life after exhausting his savings and resources to pay school fees and other bills.

The military’s Africa Command said the strike took place 50km west of the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday. It said a vehicle with improvised explosive devices was also destroyed in the early morning attack. This is the latest such airstrike in a series that have killed up to 20 militants in less than a month. The command said, in a statement, that no civilian was killed in the attack. Last month, Washington warned of a threat to its diplomatic staff in Mogadishu and directed all non-essential staff to leave the city.

The statement said US forces would continue to use all authorised and appropriate measures to protect the United States, its partners and interests, and deny safe haven to terrorists. On Christmas Eve, the US military launched a strike at Baal Rahao where about militants were training and killed 13 of them. The US carried out about 30 airstrikes against Al Shabaab in , including a drone targeting the militant’s training camp last month, which killed Al Shabaab was blamed for the massive truck bombing in Mogadishu last October which killed people.

The Trump administration early this year approved expanded military operations in the Horn of Africa nation. The latest US statement says they assessed the strike and no civilians were killed.

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Ms Montenegro had previously tried to give up her job to become a pilot, but unfortunate circumstances – she was diagnosis with kidney failure and unable to apply for a new pilot licence – meant she fell back into her old ways. We caught up with her to find out more about her experiences as an escort. Can you remember your first client – if so, what was it like? At the time I was in a very bad place emotionally so it was a rather surreal and out of body experience. I remember having a few scotches before I went to work to do my first shift; I needed dutch courage.

SDE: The Nairobian: How Conmen Are Minting Millions In Risky Abortion Procedures ‘I will love you till the end,’ Saumu Mbuvi’s message to her mysterious bae The mother of one, who has been dating a mysterious man after she broke up with her baby daddy Ben Gatu, took to social media to flaunt a ring, which many speculated was an.

A Beautiful East African City by traveler: Most of the people have missed the point. It is not a question of whether or not Kenya has slums. The issue here is that so many of the first world countries only show the underprivileged side of the nation. Someone has come up to show that there is a gorgeous side of the country divergent to what people think or see in the media.

Yes, we have the largest slum in East Africa, but we also have the most beautiful Hilton there. Give this guy credit! Thanks for divulging the beautiful site of Kenya! Your pictures are great! All cities have slums.

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However, this is not always the case. When they are on their periods, only their men Kenyan men can handle their changing moods. For this, Kenyan men have gotten adjusted to Kenyan women quacks and twists. She Knows what she wants to eat Kenyan females have a problem. They never know what to eat. She will ask you for something so specific you will wonder what goes on in that pretty little head.

Sep 28,  · At this point I have already informed the British High Commission about it all anyway, informed the dating site where I first made contact, informed the Bank that they are using as a .

I wake up more tired than i went to sleep, i can barely make it through the day, the work load sometimes is overwhelming but i push through, that’s me, because at the end of the day you have to hustle to rake it in. After the long silence, i am back to blogging, awakened by the never ending flame of socialites in Nairobi, and that is where i will start off. I think we lost the way at some point.

The term public figure is being taken literally, people show casing their “fundamentals” just for some likes and attention from the social media. Anyway Lupita is a whole other article on her own, which i will be putting down very soon. Another sure example is her excellency Dr. Banda , she has risen above the chauvinists and proven her worth to the masses. Her main focus, to bring change to her country, to change lives.

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Justice David Majanja ruled last week that all that was needed was proof that the man and woman had lived together for some time. The judgement arose from a case in which Jonathan Gwako had been fighting his in-laws for one year to bury his wife. But the fact that there was no customary marriage between the deceased and the respondent does not preclude the court from finding that the parties cohabited for a period of time and conducted themselves in such a manner that a marriage could be presumed,” Justice Majanja declared.

But their romance faced one major hurdle:

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Twitter Corazon kwamboka is a Kenyan socialite, display, an entrepreneur and a legal advisor. She rose to acclaim after her semi-bare photographs started doing rounds in the web flaunting her bends. She claims to be one of the most beautiful women in Kenya. She came to the lime light after she began parading her curvaceous body and huge derriere on social media.

The social media did her justice feasting on Corazon Kwamboka pictures like fodder. Lwak Girls High school college: She later joined Kenya School of Law. Osmond Sambu Okero told The Nairobian that his family allegedly abandoned him in Siaya town where the year-old was trying to come to terms with his miserable life after exhausting his savings and resources to pay school fees and other bills.

I had 10 children, unfortunately, two died, and Kwamboka is the first born. She was born and bred in Kibos, Kisumu. I took her to Lwak Secondary School in Siaya.


When a relationship goes wrong the first person everyone blames is the guy. He is a monster, he used to beat me, he used to do this and that, he is the bad guy and i was perfect. NO you were not, and this is why 1. You Treat Him Like He Is Your Husband You moved in with him and you are not even officially introduced to the parents, you cook for him, you wash his clothes and house, you take care of his manly needs.

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From not being able to take control, take the lead to not being able to provide for the family are just some of the conversations a woman will whine about men whenever you talk to her. One issue I have always had with the male species is their inability to stand up as men and voice their issues together as men and also fight for their rights. Back in the days when there was gender segregation young boys were taught to be men by their fathers while young girls were taught to be women by their mothers.

Boys were taught to give selflessly and to value the lives of their families wife and kids more than their own life. In this kind of indoctrination, men valued their reputation way more than their lives and would do anything to enable their families live a good life and would also do anything for the girl they loved. Men went to extreme extents to please their wives and take care of their children and there was this unwritten law that the whole world seems to have unanimously adhered to that in case of war or tragedy a man should only let a member of his family die after he had died himself and some written records like the Titanic tragedy are a good point to prove this — and thus chivalry was born.

A world where men struggled to prove their worth while women struggled to show off how worthy their men were. They felt they were being taken for a ride as all their efforts were credited to their men even when the men never contributed anything — which makes sense.


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Why Senator Mithika Linturi is fighting rich wife 2 days ago, Nairobian Reporter Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and Marianne Kitany met, fell in love and got married quietly in the corridors of power. Kitany is the once powerful official in the office of the Deputy President. But the union seems to have fallen apart five years later. The dirt crawled out of the woodwork two weeks ago when Linturi was questioned by police after Kitany claimed her husband had threatened to kill her in a domestic brawl in their Runda home, Nairobi.

Further, Linturi has been barred from loitering near the home or areas that Kitany visits often. The restraining order stipulates that he can only contact his wife when permitted by court. How did this mature, power couple end up making war instead of love barely five years after tying the knot? She demolished the old houses and put up a magnificent new bungalow that is outstanding for its wide windows.

If indeed he who finds a wife finds a good thing, then Linturi had found a damn good thing!