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Wedding Dress Quilts Antique Quilt Quilts have become the objects of folk art collectors from all around the world and it’s their high demand that makes finding an antique quilt such a thrill. Perhaps not so thrilling is paying for these highly prized, and very expensive, works of art. Finding them, and paying for them, is almost as tricky as defining what, exactly, an antique quilt is in the first place. It’s true that all antiques are old but how old is an antique quilt? Back in the days of round tables and knights in shining armor, there was a lot of chain mail clothing and armored suits. All that metal, with all its sharp edges, had the nasty habit of pinching, squeezing, and chafing the delicate skin of even the most forbidding-looking knight. To keep his skin intact, a knight would wear quilted clothing underneath the metal and to drape over his horse. One of those quilts would definitely be considered an antique quilt. Also during the 15th century, quilts were often sold along the trade routes connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Last week one set of my Antique Quilt Dating Guides My offer for a 9″ swatch of 19th century calico cut from antique yardage I was lucky to find years ago with your order for a set is being extended to July 18, this coming Sat. Michele asked if she could extend the offer from her website so again I decided to follow suit. Thank you to Janet Dykstra for answering my question about the origins of “following suit,” which came from playing card games such as bridge or hearts.

Of course now that I hear it, it comes back. I was an avid card game player during cold Chicago winters as a kid and I was good.

FABRIC > Reproduction Prints *NEW* Regency Blues from Christopher Wilcon-Tate for Moda Regency Blues is inspired by quilts in Chris’ private collection of antique British Quilts, dating from the late 18th Century and early 19th Century and the prints are drawn from quilts originating in the North of England.

June 6, Happy Wednesday! But first — greetings from Spring Quilt Market! Because there is so much to share — so many beautiful new collections — let me get right down to it. If you want to see the whole catalog in its entirety, here is the link to the Spring Market catalog — Piece No. All-Weather Friend by April Rosenthal. With prints reminiscent of different seasons, tied together with a vibrant rainbow of optimistic colors — All-Weather Friend is a tribute to the ones we hold dear.

The ones we cling to when the world feels like a mess of epic proportions. The ones who show up, every time. The ones who laugh when we laugh, and cry when we cry. The ones who pick up the phone even when they know it will mean changing their plans for the day. The ones who have kept us humble at our best and loved us at our worst. The ones who add color to our lives. Amberley by Brenda Riddle.

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Donaldeen December 13th I wondered if you have seen the old sewing book, I think it is a Singer book which shows how to do all sorts of fancy stitches on the treadle machine? It shows how to zigzag stitch with the needle stationary and the sewer moving her hand to form the stitches. All sorts of techniques. Yes, I have several treadle machines. When I was a teenager going to take home ec. I lied to the teacher and told her I could sew on the treadle machine..

An antique French hand stitched boutis quilt, dating from the late 19th century. The thick, textured cotton fabric printed with pink and white roses and daisies on a deep green ground, hand stitched in a diamond pattern within hand and machine stitched outer borders.

March 23, Antique Quilt Top Here is a new-to-me antique quilt top. That is Gizmo in the middle of it. I threw it on the love seat and half a second later he was in the middle of it. I suspect the double pink of the alternate blocks is a bit newer than the fabrics in the blocks, but I could be mistaken. Dating fabric is tricky business and even though I study antique fabrics, quilts and tops all the time, some fabrics were made for such a long time that dating them is somewhere between science and art.

The blocks are primarily browns with some very nice indigo thrown in. It is a nice top and finding it at our local antique store was fun. About the Giz – last week he had to visit the local vet clinic. He has had a mysterious skin rash off and on for a long time. None of the vets in the past were able to diagnose it. This vet says it is an auto immune thing probably caused by an inability to digest gluten and corn.

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Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy.

Great Quilting, Sewing and Miscellaneous Vintage Links: New Pathways Into Quilt History – Antique Quilt & Textile Dating Planet Patchwork – The Ultimate Address in Quilting! Quiltaholics. Fabric Attic – Quilt fabric online – Great online fabric resource.

What determines acceptable damage in an old quilt and when is it beyond repair? Can anything be done to save these vintage treasures? Depending upon the owner’s plans for the textile the answer varies. How the quilt will be used determines the plan of action. There are three approaches to caring for a damaged antique quilt. Missing or deteriorating fabric is replaced with period correct vintage or antique fabric. Lost quilting is restored. The goal is to make a quilt look as close as it did to the day the quilt maker finished it.

Generally conservation utilizes a fine net overlay that protects the damaged fabric but does not replace it. In all cases as near as possible to archival storage is recommended.

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You’ve decided what kind of an antique quilt you want to reproduce and now you need to pick out some fabric. Following is some information to help you find sources of reproduction and vintage fabric along with a bit of guidance in choosing what is right for your project. America’s Early Years During America’s early years fabrics with a gloss to them were preferred.

There are some surviving samples of this polished fabric in both cotton and wool. Both florals and geometrics were common.

Lovely Antique Welsh Quilt. The reverse side has one small brown mark, size of a five penny piece and a faded brown mark on one edge. Beautiful Floral Patterned Cotton Fabric.

Seeing Stars As you may have already guessed I buy a lot of vintage and antique quilt tops and blocks from eBay. One of the things about eBay buying is that sometimes you just have to take a gamble. I just got a lot of 20 star blocks and this is what the seller had for the description. It looks like these were once either hand sewn together or maybe removed from an existing quilt.

They are beautiful and would make an outstanding quilt!! Anyway to me this is the kind of thing I think of as feedsack. I should do a post about this top some day what a job it was to re-make! Hope they are good…well I think they are great!! So how old are they?

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Bernina Record Renee November 21, at 6: I wast just curious about why you sew on it mostly over the newer Pfaff. But, I was really proud of myself for downsizing my machine stash! Tasia November 21, at 8: I do switch to the new Pfaff for buttonholes and lingerie.

dating your quilt: The use of fabric using colors and designs,piecing and applique designs, quilting motifs, batting, size and other variables to help you date quilts from through PREPARING YOUR QUILT FOR A SHOW!

Old frames previously tossed in the dump heap are now being fought over by dealers from trendy Manhattan art galleries. Vintage frames date from the s into the 20th century. Identifying and dating antique frames is an art form in itself. Check on the back of the antique frame for a maker’s mark and date. Many artist-craftsman who made early frames just like violin makers signed and dated their frames.

Also look for labels by the frame companies.

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Lyrics and chords of pagdating ng panahon Antique quilt dating guide Many early quilts still in existence today, therefore, are either made of imported fabric or have some imported fabric along with the American. Backings were often of linen, which was considered a utility fabric. Glazed fabrics such as chintz see photo, left , roller prints and pillar prints were popular.

Some quilt edges were finished with a fringe, particularly on the East Coast. In the early ‘s, it was made by overdoing yellow with blue. Barbara Brackman specializes in writing about American quilts and other folk arts.

Celebrate National Quilting Day by attending this fabric and quilt dating workshop with Xenia Cord. Xenia is an independent scholar and owner of Legacy Quilts, an antique quilts brokerage. Xenia will present an overview of the types of fabrics that were produced over the years in America.

Wedding Dress Quilts Antique Quilts There’s no one moment in time that marks the turning point from antique quilts to contemporary quilts but most quilting historians and enthusiasts like to look at the hundred-year mark as a dividing line. The untrained eye may not be able to spot a quilt from antiquity but knowing a little bit about what it is the experts look at when determining age can be quite interesting. One thing that makes antique quilts different from modern quilts is the dyeing techniques used to color them.

Over the years, different materials and processes have been employed, refined, and replaced. It’s understanding a little bit about the dyeing process that helps date a quilt. The fabrics available to the quilter are another way to date antique quilts. Just as dyeing processes evolved over the years, so did the process of making fabrics. It isn’t just the type of fabric used to make one that signifies antique quilts over those that are newer.

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The quilts can be anything from a Bed Quilt to a table runner. I make a heart, cut it out.. I love putting this quilt on my bed.

Our range of reproduction & antique quilt patterns have been designed for a timeless appeal based on inspiration from across the globe to suit your unique tastes and preferences. All of our patterns can be created in your choice of fabric & colours.

Your satisfaction is my goal. If any quilt or item is not as described or expected, you may return it with the receipt within 30 days of purchase. Cost of repackaging and returning the item is the responsibility of the buyer. The wood frame was originally covered with the reddish brown silk velvet still intact on the heart shaped pincushion and tool holder. Now only the linen warp threads of the linen remain, except for the light colored spot above the broken latch where the wood shows through.

The baby blue silk interior is dotted throughout with age spots. One interior side has a large silk loop while the opposite one has a smaller loop, probably for the thimble. The back part of the scallop or horseshoe is 7″ wide. The two tools you see are not included – they have old repairs to the ivory from which they were carved. I have the broken part of the silver?

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